So Long Darron Gibson, Welcome Back Scholesy

I must admit that with all of Man United’s midfield troubles this season, I find it very strange that Darron Gibson never figured into the side. In fact, I forgot Gibson was still on the team for the first couple of months until he finally made an appearance in late November. Apparently he was recovering from an injury, but with the speculated move to Sunderland during the summer, his inability to remain in the team after that first start, and finally his night out with Rooney leading up to that terrible loss to Blackburn, it was inevitable that Gibson would be moving on.

The truth is that its the best thing for Gibson. Ireland coach, Giovanni Trappatoni has publicly stated his desire for Gibson to move on in order to play regular first team football and a move to Everton should certainly cement Gibson’s place in the Ireland midfield. The transfer is also a terrific bit of business by Everton and David Moyes as Gibson should fill a hole left by Mikel Arteta after his move to Arsenal earlier in the season.  Not that Gibson is near Arteta’s class, but he definitely has the potential to become a very good midfielder. As with Arteta, Moyes has the ability to bring the best out of players and with Gibson’s passing range and shooting ability (though that ability started to seem more of a liability at United) he should be a valuable asset to Everton, especially with Jack Rodwell unable to stay fit.  As well, Gibson’s desire to shoot should add a goal scoring threat from midfield which has been sorely lacking at Everton since Arteta’s transfer.

Gibson’s departure, however, has depleted United’s depth further in an already weak midfield. Though Gibson rarely fit into the squad, he was there to fill a hole every now and then.  Cue Paul Scholes…

Scholes has triumphantly returned to the United ranks for, surely, his last hurrah.  At first the signing seems a bit desperate, as Scholes hasn’t played a match in nearly 8 months and at 37 will be unable to sustain a constant presence in the squad. United definitely needed reinforcements in the midfield and with the January window opening, the buzz once again centered around the greatest United player to have never played for United, Wesley Sneijder.  But Ferguson was never going to dip into the transfer market in January, especially for Sneijder whose price would have been inflated to twice its natural value. So the signing of Scholes actually makes sense. Scholes had never left, taking on a coaching role after his retirement, and his signing cost United nothing. By all accounts the move was Scholes’ idea, which indicates a desire to continue playing. While I don’t expect Scholes to start every game, he provides much needed cover and his passing ability has been absent this season – Scholes is, I believe, the best passer of the ball in the history of the Premier League. So, welcome back Paul Scholes and may you score more goals than Red cards. I hear Steve Bruce is looking for a job, as well…


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